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Residential Reinvestment grants administered by Downtown Lewistown, Inc. are intended to stimulate private investment in the rehabilitation of targeted structures while preserving and maintaining the historic qualities of residential and mixed used buildings.  Each grant will be in the amount of up to $5,000 per building, and the property owner will be responsible for a matching dollar amount, the extent of which will be based upon financial qualifications.  Properties that will be considered include single-family residences, duplex units and multi-unit apartment buildings and mixed-use buildings containing combinations of retail, office, and residential apartments.  Projects must achieve visible results that enhance the Neighborhood’s image, identity, marketability, and vitality.  To reach these goals, major maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and restoration of facades are activities that will be covered in the grant. Residential Reinvestment grants have the following specific objectives:

  • Reduce or eliminate vacancies in the Neighborhood, encourage persons to remain in the Neighborhood, and promote the adaptive conversion to single-family ownership;
  • Bring substandard building conditions into compliance with basic health, safety, and building codes and enhance the visual appeal of the Neighborhood;
  • Facilitate compliance with federal Americans with Disabilities Act requirements; and
  • Assist with the preservation of historic residential and mixed-use buildings and assure that such buildings are rehabilitated in an appropriate manner.

The project area is the designated “Elm Street” Five Points/East End Neighborhood including properties fronting the North side of East Third Street from Dorcas to North Main Street, properties located east of Dorcas Street including properties fronting East Fourth Street and following rear property boundaries to its eastern terminus of North Walnut Street, and following the north bank of Kishacoquillas Creek back to its intersection with Dorcas Street. The property containing the former site of Mann Edge Tool Company bounded by Water Street, Kishacoquillas Creek and Dorcas Street is also included in this designated “Elm Street” District (see accompanying map).

Contact the Downtown Lewistown, Inc. office, Administrator of the Residential Reinvestment Grant Program at 717-248-9606, Historic Courthouse on the Square, One West Market Street, Suite 3, Lewistown, PA 17044.  E-mail

DLI administers this Program under contract with the Borough of Lewistown and the PA Department of Community & Economic Development.

Currently all funds have been allocated to qualified applicants but plans are to offer these incentive grants again.

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